The Warehouse

Choose 3-4 thematic elements from the novel, these can be the same themes you identify in your Progress Notes

Develop an analytical essay that argues why these themes are significant in the larger context of the story while also arguing what insights these themes provide in better understanding the human condition or human experience in our own time.

Your essay should showcase the following:

An introduction that orients your reader and develops context for the points you will be making, along with a clear central idea that you will develop throughout your essay

Body paragraphs that thoughtfully and logically develop the central idea from your introduction

Each body paragraph needs a clear point that you make, supported with textual evidence from the novel

A thoughtful conclusion that does more than simply restate your main points

As you develop your draft, pay attention to the following:

Consider how the themes relate to larger cultural, political, and economic contexts

Include examples from the text:

Direct quotes
Summary of scenes

Discuss the political, social and cultural contexts of the novel in your argument

Cite other critics opinions (reviews/ analyses) and/ or direct references to aspects of our current moment


MLA Formatting

5-6 pages (5 full pages minimum)

Respond directly to the prompt

Revision based on peer review and instructor comments

Rigorous and thorough proofreading

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