The Veldt Is Technology the blame for the parents death?

Your final essay is due by midnight on Thursday, April 29.  In writing your essay, follow these requirements and guidelines:

minimum of 1,200 words
include quoted evidence from each literary work you write about and use in-text citations to document it
on average, use 1-4 sources, although this might vary depending on how much evidence is taken from each source, or how many different sources you might need (each literary work you’re quoting from is a source)
you might want to include evidence from an “expert” to help support your ideas; for example, you could cite evidence from a dictionary, from a psychologist, from a scholar or critic, from a lawyer, etc.
each documented source in your essay must be listed in an MLA formatted Works Cited page, which is the last page of your essay
any essays submitted without documented evidence and/or without a Works Cited page will not be accepted and will earn a score of zero (0%)
format your essay according to MLA guidelines (refer to the tutorial video, or download a template that you can update and fill in with your own information)
be sure to submit your essay as a Microsoft Word file
proofread and fix any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation,  formatting, paragraphing, or syntax
avoid plagiarism (any info you take from a source must be documented, and it should be clear which ideas are yours and which ideas came from the source)

You can develop and support your opinion about one text:  The townspeople are wrong for playing the lottery, and these are the reasons why
You can state your opinion and then use two or more texts to prove you’re right:  There is always a bad outcome when people don’t think for themselves as individuals, as shown in “The Masque of the Red Death,” “The Lottery,” and “We Real Cool”
You can comparatively analyze two texts according to an opinion you have:  Sometimes it’s the victim who is to blame for what happens to them, and sometimes it’s not their fault, as shown in “We Real Cool” and “The Lottery”

There are several types of analysis you can do.  For example, you could

discuss the message/lesson in a literary work and its significance and/or relevance
develop and support an opinion you have about a literary work, or works
identify a theme in a literary work and discuss how the author develops that theme
explain your interpretation of a literary work, and discuss what you think it’s about
compare/contrast two literary works and discuss the meaning they have in common
state your opinion, and then use two or more literary works to show that your opinion is valid

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