THE TWENTIES 1920-1932

1-    answer to the questions below: (Approx 250 words)
      N.B: The reflection should be in “own words” based on knowledge. NO QUOTING

Discuss the various aspects of the Harlem Renaissance

2-    Make comment on each Response below: (betw 100-125words each)
Response 1: Various aspects of the Harlem Renaissance contributed to it being one of the most influential and significant eras of cultural growth in the history of the United States. The Harlem Renaissance was a period of great cultural development for African-Americans, especially in terms of music, dance, literature, theatre, and more. During the Great Migration, more than one million blacks left the South during the 1920s. Harlem, New York became a place of settlement for African-Americans of very different backgrounds. Many white people enjoyed Harlems dance halls, jazz clubs, and speakeasies. Further, Harlem had a great cultural community for African-Americans that experienced great growth and development. Among the African-Americans that moved to Harlem were talented writers, poets, artists, and scholars. There were several art forms that flourished during the Harlem Renaissance, including dance, jazz, swing, opera, poetry, and theatre. Many black poets and novelists, such as Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen, were being sponsored and published by white presses. Black actors were taking up serious roles on Broadway. Theatre and writing were prospering, giving black writers and actors greater freedom in pursuit of their careers. African-Americans eventually came to run playhouses, nightclubs, and music companies in Harlem. The Harlem Renaissance allowed for America and the rest of the world to witness and acknowledge the great works and talents of African-Americans. The Harlem Renaissance became one of the most important eras of cultural expression and growth in the history of the United States.

Response 2: The Harlem Renaissance was the flourishing of African American culture, especially in regards to arts, theater, music, and literature. In the 1920s, nearly one million African Americans left the South and settled in areas like New York and Chicago. After migrating away from the South, many settled in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. In Harlem, the community experienced a great deal of poverty, low wage jobs, and unreasonably high rents. However, Harlem had a lively black cultural community which led to the establishment of connections with New Yorks artistic mainstream. In the Harlem Renaissance, African American novelists like Langston Hughes, Claude Mckay, and Countee Cullen got their novels published. Broadway began including African American actors to act in dramatic roles. Singers like Ethel Waters, Florence Mills, and Bill Robinson began singing in these Broadway productions as well. During the Harlem Renaissance, theater flourished as well, which led black actors and writers to free themselves from the restraints imposed by the white producers. Harlem Renaissance writings included great components of protest and topics which talked about the roots of African American peoples experiences. Writers like Claude Mckay and W.E.B. Du Bois included such components in their literature. Overall, the Harlem Renaissance was like that of a cultural blossoming which allowed African Americans to display their talents and culture in various different fields.

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