The progression of Theory

This assignment is meant to have students think about the progression of sociological theory from classical to contemporary. Throughout the semester, students will learn about how classical theories have inspired other theories to emerge in the discipline, and students will write about the transition process. Students are required to talk about three contemporary theories (e.g. critical theory, phenomenology, feminist theory, postmodernism, or globalization) and highlight specific ideas and concepts. Students will then have to take those same contemporary theories and explain how they were influenced by classical works (e.g. Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Parsons, Goffman, DuBois, etc.). Students also need to discuss the concepts and ideas of classical theories. Essentially, you are bridging classical theory to contemporary theory in an organized fashion. This paper should be between 5-8 pages, double-spaced, with 12-point font (Times New Roman), using ASA format..

Introduction: This section will include an introduction of the paper including the significance of contemporary theory and a clearly developed thesis statement (a brief overview of the rest of the paper).  (10 points)

Progression of Theory: In this section, students need to discuss how classical theory influenced contemporary theory. The best logical way to present this would be to

Discuss the classical works in detail (including concepts and main ideas)

Describe which concepts were borrowed, changed, or expanded to fit contemporary theory.

Give brief examples of each theory youve referenced

You will be graded on your ability to successfully and efficiently bridge classical and contemporary works. (25 points)

Conclusion: Students will conclude the paper by summarizing main points in their paper and discuss why contemporary theory is important today. (10 points)

Grammar, Spelling, Organization, and Clarity: Students must write at the university level, and all papers must be legible and free from spelling/grammatical errors. If you are not confident in your level of writing, please see the nearest writing tutor on campus before submitting your paper. Lastly, all outside sources must be cited in ASA format. This includes in-text and paraphrasing. Anything that is not your work or idea must be cited. Please see the handout on blackboard for more information on citing in ASA format. (5 points)

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