The Poisonous Mushroom

In two to four typed and double-spaced pages, apply the ten common propaganda techniques in the Canvas packet on propaganda to two of the stories in the Nazi comic book The Poisonous Mushroom.  Analyze both the pictures and assertions in the stories “How to Identify a Jew” and “When You See a Cross, Remember the Gruesome Act of Murder Committed by the Jews on Golgotha.”  Find and explain as many examples as you can of the story using the propaganda techniques. Here is a simple way of organizing this essay:
In your introductory paragraph, simply start by identifying the comic book and its origin to give it context:  “In 1938, Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbelspublished a comic book for children called “The Poisonous Mushroom” whose purpose was…”  Then, state the main ideas that the stories are trying to get the children to believe.  Finally, state the particular propaganda techniques that the writer used to convince the children to believe these ideas. 

Do the stories one at a time.  Begin each body paragraph by focusing on a main idea that the writer asserts:”The writer intends to convince children that Jews are easy to identify by their physical features.  He says, for example, that…  He is using the technique of transfer because…” 

Be as thorough as possible in showing and explaining what the propagandist is doing.In the conclusion, simply restate your main points.

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