the petroleum alternative- Electric Vehicles

Investigate electric vehicles and its upcoming alternative from petroleum. to prepare a short paper for a very important businessperson on this topic. should include
Introduction: Why you chose this topic
Background: Introduce your topic. Provide an overview/history about the subject matter. (Always reference your research)
Interesting/Unexpected Facts: Include at least three things that you learned as part of your research on the topic
Analysis/Discussion/Controversies: Dont just describe your topic. Demonstrate some elements of critical analysis. Relate the topic to at least one global trading theory that has been covered in this class
The Future: This should include your forecast five years into the future; what trends may affect your topic/what your topic may look like. Your forecast should be based on logical reasoning, supported by your research
References: At least three sources should be utilized. Two of these must be from either a textbook or peer-reviewed research, or sourced from an official government or intergovernmental organization (e.g, World Trade Organization, Bureau of Economic Analysis). Do not source from Wikipedia or Blogs

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