The Official Story – Movie Questions

You will watch “The Official story” (1985) by Luis Puenzo and answer the following questions below. All of the answers combined shouldn’t be more than 275 words double spaced.

1. Why is the title La historia oficial ironic?

2. What are the differences in political opinions and views on society within the family?

3. How does Alicia change during the film and why? Who/what influences her?

4. Consider the phrase Failure to educate a people is security for the tyrant, and comment on how it relates to Alicia in La historia oficial.

I increased the word count to 550 words so that you’ll be paid extra for the cost to rent the movie and you keep the rest.

I linked below where you can rent the movie:

($1.99) Amazon Prime Video:

($3.99) YouTube:

($3.99) Google Play:

($3.99) Apple TV:

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