The Life of a Music Tour Manager

Students will write a paper a minimum of approximately 1500 words (approximately four pages).  The topic will be on music as it relates to the student’s major or, if the student has not selected a major, an area of interest other than music.  Review your Paper Topic assignment that was due on February 1st.
Begin your search on YouTube.  There are many excellent, educational and informative videos available on YouTube.  Look for other sources online.
Provide topic depth and avoid superficial knowledge.  Be sure to include specific musical examples.  For example, if you’re topic is Music Therapy for Depression, instead of mentioned that fast music increases heart rate, name a specific piece of music.  An example would be Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance.
In addition to the four pages, please include a title page at the beginning of your paper with your name and your major.  Also, at the end of your paper, include a source page.  Use at least three sources and include source addresses. 
Automatic point deductions for the following: a) Up to 25 points deduction for no title page with your name, your major and your paper topic as per the Paper Topic assignment. b) Up to 25 points deduction for no source page with addresses or insufficient source materials. c) Up to 25 points deduction for excessive use of poor grammar and spelling. d) Up to 50 points deduction for poor, superficial or broad base information. e) Up to 50 points deduction for limited mention of music. f) Up to 25 points deduction for changing your paper topic without instructor approval. g) Up to 50 points if the paper is too short.
To review paper topics, go to  topic proposal page.

Due Date: April 26th.

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