The Evaluation Plan For Advertising Campaign

OK: here’s the deal.

Any campaign has to lay out how it will evaluate itself. In a commercial setting, just looking at the cash drawer doesn’t tell you that the campaign worked. It could have been the failure of the biggest competitor; it could have been the economy or a new product that was surprisingly popular. You’ve got to have a plan to tell you if you’re doing the right thing or not.

SO: Your agency says that people don’t know there is an “MSU News.” The people who know about it don’t pick it up, and people who read it don’t find it useful or interesting.

YOU THINK that you have a good solution, but how can you tell it’s working?

1- How will you know that more people are using/picking up the news? You could count the number of physical papers picked up, or the number of bounces from their Facebook to <>, or may be number of people who comment on an item. What do you think?

( this is the news website)

You don’t have to be exactly right, because there is no right answer.  Just show how you might increase your accurate knowledge of what’s going on, and how often you would collect that information.

The key is to say it clearly, quickly and confidently. You are writing copy for the presenters, but it’s your copy, so make it brilliant. Quick, clear, and persuasive.

See you Monday in the breakout room.

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