the effects of social media on our society

esearch paper based on the effects of social media on our
society. The length of your assignment should be limited to somewhere between
4-5 pages. You are more than welcome
to use as many sources as you would like. However, you must only cite sources
that are credible. Moreover, you must adhere to strict MLA format when writing
your essay. You can take into consideration any of the following concepts:
Advantages and disadvantages on an individual or societal level, unforeseen
impacts that social media has had, which aspects people should be challenging
or pushing back against, some of the most prominent societal achievements that
we attribute to social media, the impact that it has had on the younger
generations growing up with it, what sort of role it plays in the education
system, etc. You can either chose your topic from this list or come up with a
completely different concept on your own, as long as it relates to social media
in one form or another.

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