The effect of vehicle emissions on the environment in the United States

Write a research paper on the effect of vehicle emissions on the environment in the United States of America. Use credible sources like news channels, scientific papers, government websites, official data, etc.

Write a research paper of no less than 2000 words on the chosen topic.
Use a minimum of 5 credible sources ( official data, news channels, government websites, scientific papers..)
provide an introduction to your topic, discuss the topic, provide a conclusion
what is the issue, and why are you interested in this topic
what caused the problem (provide the background of the issue if possible)
are there any organizations/groups of people who support / not support this issue ( political parties, non-profit organizations, ethnic groups…) – pros and cons
is this a global issue
what is the impact of the issue you are discussing on the environment, the people, the economy…
what are some possible solutions to the problem ( as you see it)
are there any obstacles to these solutions
anything else that you consider important to mention that I have not listed here
your conclusion needs to reflect your own opinion about this topic – ( positive/negative; things that you’ve learned from your research that you were not aware of before the research; have you changed your opinion about the topic now when you know more about it ( favorable/less favorable than before or no changes); do you see yourself as a part of the problem or a part of the solution to the problem – why/why not?
Make sure that your paper has a title and that you use subtitles throughout the paper. I do not want to see 5-6 pages of text without any breaks. Do use graphs, tables, photos if you believe that it would make your paper better and provide more information about the topic; however, make sure that you cite your sources in your text as well as at the end of your paper ( APA, MLA – stick to one of these).

You should use Times New Roman/ size 12 font.

Do not forget to include your name on your title page.

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