The Data Analysis

The Data Analysis Assignment

So here you are as an Executive with various responsibilities. And somehow data comes your way for an added analysis. It may have nothing to do with your job or our topic (or does it?). First, the perception is that Executives can crunch the numbers. The minor crunching youll do here is a toe in the water. And analysis is often being renamed analytics. It is still number crunching. And there are more and more tools and more and more data. The points are these: 1) you need to be able to jump in and analyze data with the available tools at a moment’s notice. Most Executive positions have the phrase and other responsibilities as assigned in their job descriptions. 2) While this is a quick look HR data, the linkages between strategy and the employees (skills/competencies) are often overlooked. 3) Your job in crunching down the numbers is to present several descriptive high-quality visual charts of the results. Effective communication of the numbers means the written word AND visual charts. And of course verbal, etc. via personal presence (no matter if phone, PF2F or web). To find the details click on: Requirements and Rubric within its part of Module Four. The 8 survey questions (listed as key) are for example and generally part of what is called an Employ Pulse Survey. See the link for data, just below. Download and save both. The Tableau software can be downloaded here:  If you have problems or if you do NOT know how to the required charts in Excel then complete the charts in Excel.

IMPORTANT this is where the assignment gets REAL. Do NOT upload a tableau file. Do NOT upload a simple word doc. Instead, upload a WORD DOC that has two (not more than two) high-level charts embedded inside. The file you upload must have some written bullet points after a brief introduction that explains what the two image files show. See the specs. OK to go a little longer in pages. Two of the pages will have the two images from your charts. And you will have some bullet points on recommendations. The point of this is to answer the question for the boss on what are the key most important/vital points of learning from the survey and what to do about it. With charts and words in one word doc. 

BTW, as an Executive you must be fluent in Excel and PowerPoint and able to knock out high-quality charts from the data. Knowing Tableau gives you a bit more of an analytics tool kit. There are many different software packages. The point is that you know of them have touched some and can be produced quickly.   


1. Burnout Analysis: Bar Graphs: Uses Tableau to create four bar graphs to answer the given questions with no errors.
2. Executive Summary: Purpose and Respondents: Exceeds proficiency in an exceptionally clear, insightful, sophisticated, or creative manner.
3. Executive Summary: Results
4. Executive Summary: Recommendations

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