The Brendan Voyage

A focused-analysis of Tim Severin’s The Brendan Voyage.

You will have seven topics to select from, and each topic is tightly focused.  Select one topic, and produce an analytical essay, 4-5 full pages in length, double-spaced, with detailed references and appropriate quotations to support your work.  In order to address the topic you select appropriately, you will need to draw upon material in multiple chapters.  When you do make those concrete references, using direct references, paraphrasing, and quotations as appropriate, be explicit and efficient.  (I am expecting you to use material from at least three chapters.). Also, aim at using a good college-level vocabulary and a healthy variety in the length and construction of your sentences to earn best credit.

Your task, your mission, is to be an expert on the topic that you select and to produce a 4-5 page essay that is clear, thorough, and worth reading.  Picking the best topic for you is one part of the task; developing your topic to fill the space effectively is another part of your task; presenting your understanding of your chosen topic clearly, thoughtfully, and thoroughly in those pages is the last part of the task. 

“What is the Stepping Stone Route? And, how does the Stepping Stone Route matter for the project? How does the route matter for Severins case that the Irish really did sail leather boats across to North America as the legends claim?  (This is not a research project: use what Severin gives us regarding the route.)”

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