Th Black Death

In this text, you should simply write a text answering the following question: why is the
Black Death historically significant?

Some advice: The key to a good history answer is to keep focused on the question. Try to
make sure that everything you write is relevant and helps you answer the question.
Factual knowledge is important but, on its own, will only provide an interesting story rather
than a historical explanation. The factual knowledge should be used to back up and illustrate
your points and arguments. 

In this assessment your response should include:
a) an introduction which identifies some
of the main ideas that you will develop in the rest of your essay and ideally provides a line of
argument which will be developed as the essay progresses
b) a series of paragraphs
which describes, explains and evaluates different aspects of the Black Deaths significance
c) a conclusion which ties together the ideas you have explored.

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