Television Research

Television Research Assignment

For some, it is a thoughtless, mind-numbing pastime. For others it is serious business, serving as
both a mirror and chronicle of our times. It is one of the most popular ways to get information, to
pass time, and to both erode and expand ones mind. We will use it to examine anthropological and
sociological change as we cultivate critical thinking skills and research skills as well.

This assignment has two parts, a television viewing log and a research paper. Follow the directions
below to complete each assignment.
Rules of the game
Must consult at least three sources, one of which must be offline
Sources should be documented using MLA format
No more than two types of a particular resource (that means no more than two websites, so
choose carefully)
Students are strongly encouraged to consult reserve and reference material and websites
suggested on accompanying handout
Wikipedia is an excellent starting point, but one should consult a reference book or website
as well.
Papers will not be accepted if there are not enough appropriate sources or if there is no
attempt at documentation.

Television Research
Generate a two-page paper answering one of the questions stated below. You may use Internet
sources, particularly those the teacher suggests during lecture. You may use online encyclopedias,
but they cannot be the only source. You must consult resources; do not rely on your own
knowledge no matter how much you think you know.

1. Research an American television network that failed or was rebranded and report on its
history, evolution, and major shows. Which shows put these networks on the map? What stars
careers may have been launched while appearing on shows from these networks? Into what
may have some of these networks evolved? What happened to some of the shows after the
networks demise? Consider researching the DuMont network, the WB and UPN.

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