Taiwan history

1.    600 to 700 words, double spaced, standard font (Times New Roman, etc.)
2.    Identify two (2) articles from peer-reviewed academic journals, i.e. the International Journal of Taiwan Studies or Journal of Asian Studies. One of these articles must have been published after 2000.  Ideally both should be.
3.    Provide the proper citations for both in Chicago format: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/717/01/ (Links to an external site.)
4.    Briefly tell me how you located both journal articles.
5.    Summarize both articles and their arguments. Spend no more than 50% of the paper (300-350 words) on summary.
6.    Explain how these journal articles provide context and shed light on your primary source. What did you learn from these secondary sources that you could not glean from the primary source?  How does your primary source elaborate, complicate, elucidate, exemplify, or disprove these secondary sources?

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