Case study: Fred was visiting his doctor for his normal checkup. The doctor had covered nearly all of the normal questions and was about to end the appointment when Fred timidly stated that he was having a problem with “wetting” himself. The doctor sat back down and asked more questions, “Was it a little or was it a lot? How long had this been going on? Did it happen at night as well as in the day?” After more questions a plan of treatment had been decided upon and the doctor left the room shaking his head. He wondered how many more older adults out there were suffering from this problem and were afraid to bring it up with their doctor. 

Imagine you are the healthcare provider. What additional information would you need to be able to offer a treatment plan? If the patient had not volunteered information about having an incontinence issue but you suspected it, how would you tactfully help them address this problem and accept the need to use incontinence products? What problems might occur with the improper use of these products?  Use at least #2 outside sources for your discussion.

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