Symbolic Interactionism

Discuss and analyze the dynamics associated with the theory of symbolic interactionism. 

Attention to the work by Erving Goffman in Farganis (Chapter 10, Introduction, pp. 271-273; and Goffman,
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, pp. 281-290), and
Kivisto and Pittman, Goffmans Dramaturgical Sociology), and lectures from throughout the semester.


*Reference and citing for chapter 10 pdf reading material attached*

Farganis, J. (2014). Symbolic Interaction. In Readings in Social Theory (7th ed., pp. 271273). McGraw-Hill Education.

Farganis, J. (2014). Erving Goffman: The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life. In Readings in Social Theory (7th ed., pp. 281290). McGraw-Hill Education.

In-Text Citation (Example)

(Farganis, 2014, p. 271)
(Farganis, 2014, p. 284)

Each paper must embody a developed analysis and application of the material.  BE SURE TO INTEGRATE MATERIAL FROM CLASS LECTURES AND COURSE READINGS, and make use of proper APA in-text and reference page citation formats. Be clear and specific in your writing, analysis, and discussion.  Analysis discussion and application are essential requirements for the paper. INTERNET AND ELECTRONIC STORAGE MATERIAL REFERENCES, INCLUDING JOURNAL ARTICLES, ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Citation Formats for Lectures and Text
In-text citation format for lectures
(Kardaras, 2021a)– refers to the first notation below
(Kardaras, 2021b)refers to the second notion below
(Kardaras, 2021c)refers to the third notation below
(Kardaras, 2021d)–refers to the fourth notation below

Reference format for citing the lectures used in the writing of the paper.

Kardaras, B. (2021a). The Origins of Social Theory. January 18.
_____. (2021b). The Greeks and Social Theory. January 25.
_____. )2021d). Theory, How It Works.  February 8.
_____. (2021c). From the Greeks to the Renaissance. February 15.
_____. (2021e). The Social Theorists and Modernity. February 22.

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