summary and check

If you want you can use these points or the above  7 sections for peer review
o    Do you define key Crime and Masculinities terms, phrases and associated concepts as we have used them in this course?
o    Does your thesis of paper reflect your grasp of key terms and concepts in this course?
o    Do you adequately explain the theories or ideas you are using from lectures in assigned readings in critical race theory?
o    Do you provide evidence for conclusion you reach in your paper?
o    What is supporting evidence appropriate and convincing?
o    Do you offer an interesting and thoughtful conclusion to your paper?
o    Do you have a number of grammatical punctuation and sentence structure errors? Are you critical in discussion your observations or do you just offer a summary?
o    You are articulating novel ideas and interpretations of the material, from refereed journals on Crime and Masculinities
o    The paper follows prescribed APA formatting
o    In addition you can consider what is the central claim

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