Substance abuse

The paper should be 4 6 pages (excluding cover and reference pages), 12-point font, 1 inch margins, and structured based on APA 6 or 7 manuscript formatting (visit for further guidance in the use of APA format). The requirements for the writing assignment are as follows:

1.  Pick a substance e.g. heroin, marijuana, K2  (synthetic marijuana), cocaine, crack, energy drinks, nicotine  or vapes,  juuls  etc. )  and discuss  what the substance is,  as well as  the prevalence,  and  effects ( e.g.  cognitive, physical, neurological )  the substance has on a person .
2.  Using information covered in class (PowerPoints, discussions, and  textbook) or outside resource (e.g. journal articles), discuss how your chosen  substance might impact a family.
3. Briefly discuss what therapies you would recommend for the substance abuser and their family.
4.  Give one recommendation of something you think could possibly help  improve the  issues  you identified.

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