Strategic Planning


Using the award winning company from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website you have chosen to study, evaluate the Award Application Summary as a business case. You are now the Chief Strategy Officer for your chosen company. You are conducting an evaluation of your chosen company for an upcoming annual report. Your goal is to demonstrate skill and expertise in strategic planning for an expansion effort into an international market based on your expert analysis and evaluation of the strategic position of your company. You will be able to use this research for future professional deliverables. Use the following criteria to assess international expansion opportunities for your chosen award winning organization.

Give a brief overview of your chosen company.
Identify and present an opportunity for your chosen company to expand into an international market. You can search international markets using the Global Edge website. Conduct additional research on the company website or using the University Library. Consider expansion ideas such as the creation of a new product, demand for an existing product, creation of a satellite location, creation of a grant-funded foundation or project, development of a subsidiary, etc. Be creative and innovative. Consult with your Instructor if you need assistance.
Provide reasoning why your company should enter your chosen international market (read page 184-185 in your textbook).
Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed, academic research resources (including your textbook) to substantiate your critical thinking, and to provide viable reasoning for your perspectives.
Use APA style referencing format in your writing.
Write in third person to communicate in this Discussion.
Use headings to segment the topics in your writing in order to create a flow of ideas for your reader.
You are expected to write unique perspectives on the subject of strategy, and its purpose in business. Refrain from committing plagiarism. It will not be tolerated. Your contributions must synthesize existing theories, concepts and principles, and must add value to the existing body of knowledge.

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