Based on the examined techniques in the How To Build Self Discipline video, have you attempted any of the exercises in the past? Is there a technique in particular that you feel could be especially helpful in combating feelings of anger or desires for fame and luxurious living? Along with this, find a technique that you are wary of and explain why.

Irvine makes the case that when a Stoic accrues wealth, it will be different than that of a typical person who has won the lottery (Irvine, 180). What is his reasoning in believing so? Draw explicitly from the textbook when crafting your response.

In his letter On Self-Control, Seneca maintains that we should deny admittance to our emotions for it is much easier to stop it early on than to let it gain strength by progress. No matter how much we believe we are able to moderate our emotions, we cannot be sure of when it will stop. Do you agree with Senecas stance? Use a specific example to illustrate your point.

As Irvine discusses, it seems like many people are confused about what to value. As a result, they desire things like fame and fortune that may lead to intemperance, emotional turmoil, unhappiness, and so forth. What advice would Stoicism provide about what we should value and pursue in order to maintain temperance and tranquility?  Use outside research to support your answer

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