Stereo Blindness

Stereo blindness

Stereoscopic vision (or stereopsis) is the ability to perceive depth from binocular disparity  which is the difference of viewpoints between the two eyes, however the total absence of stereoscopic vision is called  stereo blindness. Stereo blindness is the inability to see in 3D using stereopsis. This results  in an inability to perceive stereoscopic depth by combining and comparing images from the two eyes.

Write a one-page essay on stereo blindness. Include the following information in your essay:

How many people in the US has stereo blindness?
The cause or risk factors
Symptoms/How does it effect a person’s visual perception
Treatment options
Important guidelines to follow:

Required font: Arial, 12 point
Required formatting: Double-spaced
Required length: 1 page (minimum)
When using outside sources (other than your textbook), you must use APA style to reference your source(s) at the end of your essay.

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