Statement of purpose for Nursing program

Statement of purpose (250-650 words)
Discuss reasons for applying to the Accelerated BSN program at the University of Miami and how it fits into personal, educational, and professional goals.
Applying for: Accelerated BSN in Nursing program
School: University of Miami
I have attached work experience details (If is helpful for the paper)

I would be applying to go to school full time as the program is full which it would mean leaving my job. It would be an honor to also be a student at that amazing institution I worked for 9yrs.

Goal: Become a Labor and delivery nurse. I have extensive experience in a healthcare environment 

Analogy: I have 3 babies but on my last pregnancy I was a high risk. I was put in bed rest for 2 months to avoid loosing the baby. When the day finally arrived the delivery was amazing. I was so scared that anything can go wrong. My husband was in a business trip so his plane was delayed when he was flight my way. The nurse that was assisting me knew I was a high risk pregnancy and my husband was on a flight unable to be with me so she gave me her hand and told me…Your husband is almost here, I am here for you till he makes it, Do not worry we are here together That extra mile she took from her busy shift preparing for my delivery was the world to me. It made me feel I was not alone and she was just Not an employee but a human being caring. Thats the type of nurse I want to be

Quotes to make it more interesting: Being a nurse is not just taking care of people but it is also how you make them feel and bringing that extra joy to your patient regardless of what they have going on at the moment

Any other questions or doubts please ask!

Thank you in advance

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