Statement of Personal History

In an essay, discuss how your personal background informs your decision to pursue a graduate degree. Please include any educational, familial, cultural, economic, or social experiences, challenges, or opportunities relevant to your academic journey; how you might contribute to social or cultural diversity within your chosen field; and/or how you might serve educationally underrepresented segments of society with your degree.
Supplemental Info:
The program I applied to is Master of Science in Business Analytics.
My cultural background is Asian.
The experience I want to include:
Consulting Project on a Business Purchasing at CiAM   
Team Member                                                                                                         
    Performed industry research in the central California area by analyzing and visualizing the industry trend to understand the industry growth prospects of investment opportunities
    Developed a SWOT analysis of the target business and competitors to identify our core competencies
    Reviewed the Balance Sheet and Income Statement and reported the condition of the financial health of the target business to our client

Mikes Bikes Business Simulation at Drexel University   
Chief Information Officer   
    Reported to Chief Executive Officer about the information system and communications network
    Gathered data from the internet about other companys strategy to discuss possibilities of investment in new product
    Analyzed outputs and inputs for internal/external to discover implemental competitive advantages

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