Sports Law

Pick topic of your own choosing on a subject at the intersection of sports and law. This means it should be a topic that examines a legal or regulatory issue within sports.

Issue/Controversy Provide background into the conditions and circumstances that contribute to the legal controversy that exists.

Why do we have a problem?
What is the issue that is presented?
What problem are we trying to solve?
Statements of Law What is the actual law regulating or covering this subject?

What body of law applies?
Is it state or federal legal question or does some other body of law/regulation apply (e.g., CBA, NCAA bylaws, other)?
What is the
Analysis Here is where you want to relate your facts to the legal issue.

How do the facts and circumstance surrounding the issue contribute to the controversy?
Do the facts address the legal elements of the law?
Has there been lawsuits or cases on the same issue?
How did other courts decide the matter?
What are the counterarguments on the topic (i.e., what does the other side have to say on the matter?)
Who are the chief proponents or detractors in the controversy?
Conclusion Based on the analysis of the issue, law, facts, and legal history, what conclusion do you want to leave the reader with?

Do you agree with the way the cases in this area have been decided?
Is the law correct in its application?
What can we expect in the future?

Please make sure to include all of those questions and answered within the paper. Please tell me the topic you chose before writing the paper.

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