Sociology of Law

Address each part of the question and in your analysis cite a broad range of specific course materials (particularly reading and lectures; about 7-10 different sources from the course per question is typical), bringing in and citing reading, lectures, other course materials, and your own ideas.  Your use of evidence and argument should demonstrate you understand the course material and support your own view well.  Number your pages and start each essay with the question number (e.g., #1, #4; dont retype the question).  A cover page or folder is unnecessary.
            Proofread your work carefully for organization, coherence, grammar, punctuation, and spelling to make your points clear and eliminate errors.  Quote precisely, use quotation marks accurately, and give page numbers for all quotes and close paraphrases, e.g., (Text, p. 30).
Citing outside references isnt required but give full references for any outside sources on a separate References page, Most or all your essays citations will be to our course materials, which you may cite within your papers text (without a separate References page) like this:
for Law in Our Lives – Friedrichs text:  (Text, pp. 123-124)
for Taking Sides articles:  cite the specific articles author, e.g., (Alito in TS, p. 232).
This essay will be evaluated in four things:
-effective and accurate summary of class material;
-breadth and range: important points covered; inclusivenot too thin or short;
-ability to apply, interpret, and criticize course material and use your own ideas (not just parroting); and
-expression: organization, coherence, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

1.  Government officials and advocacy groups placed measures on Californias November 2020 ballot proposing legal change designed to address significant social problems:
(A) Proposition 21 to allow California cities and other local jurisdictions to enact or expand residential rent control laws;
(B) Proposition 16 to allow diversity of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin as a factor in public employment, education, and contracting decisions; and
(C) Proposition 15 to increase funding sources for public schools, community colleges, and local government services by changing tax assessment of commercial and industrial property. 
The California Senate called Dr. Libertarian (Dr. L) and Dr. Communitarian (Dr. C) to speak at a Senate hearing about the ways law designed to address social problems doesor does notprotect the individual and communityspecifically regarding these three California ballot measures. What would Dr. Libertarians and Dr. Communitarians perspectives on the three measures be, what would each say about the measures and ideas the other side favors, and what assumptions or evidence would they use to support their own view and proposals?  Both speakers should address: 
(A) how each measure would or would not remedy the social problems they propose to remedy;
(B) where the line should be drawn between what is appropriately private and public in a particular area of law; and
(C) how individual rights and community interests should be respected in addressing positive and negative effects of private actions on the public or community.
          Also discuss your own perspective on Dr. Ls and Dr. Cs arguments and the legal actions you think would be most effective to address residential rent prices; inequality and affirmative action in public employment and education; and taxing commercial property to support public schools, community colleges, and local government services.  What would be strengths and weaknesses of the legal actions you favor and what could address the weaknesses effectively?  Cite and discuss specific course materials in your essay.
(Dr. L) and (Dr. C) are MADE UP people, Dr. L is a Libertarian so you must answer these questions how a Libertarian would. Dr. C is a Communitarian so you must answer these questions how a Communitarian would as well.
MUST USE these sources that are attached in the paper, and the rest can be outside sources. A total of at least 7 sources.
Sources to use for Prop 16 : M. Ethan Katsh.pdf & LAW-pdf
Source to use for Prop 15 : M. Ethan Katsh-2 pdf
Source to use for Prop 21 : LAW-2 pdf.

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