The American Sociological Association – our discipline’s largest professional organization – is organized into several dozen “sections,” listed on the ASA’s website (Links to an external site.). These sections study the social issues/problems specific to their area of interest. Please choose any area of study off the list and identify a social problem associated with that area of study (for example, if you chose “international migration,” an associated problem might be the current refugee crisis involving unaccompanied minors at the U.S.-Mexico border).

Do your best to write a short non-sociological analysis of the problem’s root cause. Next, write a short sociological analysis that integrates the concept of the Sociological Imagination. Next, find one example of a non-sociological analysis and one example of a sociological analysis on the internet. Post one link for each. What kinds of sources seem to promote the sociological view? Which tend to espouse a non-sociological view? Are there any noticeable patterns?

Link for the website:
I prefer to write about race,gender and class from the list
Don’t need citations except for the examples

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