Sociological concepts and language

A) Recognize and describe the fundamentals that underlie social life.

B) Describe the influence of society/culture, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic class on individuals development across the lifespan.

Answers should:

Utilize sociological concepts and language in correct and appropriate ways.

Makes a well-reasoned, informed, and correct argument.

Writes in full, complete, and grammatically correct sentences.

Each answer is a minimum of 6 sentences in length. (approx. 250 words)

Papers should be min. 1600-2400 words

USE your class readings and notes as a resource, but make sure that you use your own words. DO NOT USE SOURCES OUTSIDE OF THIS CLASS (no google or previously submitted work).  The links to our OER readings are below


1 – How does sociology differ from other disciplines within the social sciences? Demonstrate that you are familiar with other disciplines within the social sciences, and highlight what is different about the sociological perspective in your response.
2 – Define and contrast sociological concepts of culture, subculture, and counterculture.
3 – Explain the difference between surveys, experiments, and ethnography in sociological research.
4 – (Choose one): What are the main differences between Durkheim, Marx, and Weber?  OR What are the strengths and weaknesses of functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and the conflict perspective in sociology?
5 – Briefly explain why social policies directly aimed at addressing social problems associated with poverty, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and/or Head Start, often emerge from sociological studies and analyses.
6 – What are the similarities and differences between definitions of ethnicity and race in the U.S.? Provide an example that highlights the complexities of these concepts.
7- Compare and contrast the sociological definitions of prejudice, discrimination, and racism.

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