Have you ever experienced socialization into a social group such as the military, a sports team, etc.? What was the setting, and what was the socialization process like? Please use three bolded terms from the textbook in your response, incorporating them in a way that demonstrates your understanding of them.

I attached the terms from the text book
I want to talk about tennis team

I have an example from another student:
The social group I was socialized in was the track and field team. This was during my eighth-grade year of middle school and was also the first sports team I have ever tried out for. Tryouts and track meets took place mostly at school and the track field. The socialization process was quite different and nerve-wracking for me as it was my first time being involved in sports. When finally joining the team, I created a bond with my coach and teammates, learning different strategies and developing new habits to stay in shape for track meets. I was placed into a different environment where I was expected to push myself to my limits and give my all in everything I did. Status was a big factor in the team; the students who made it to All City Finals held a higher position. Just being a part of the track team was enough to give you status, as we had a very large sports culture in our school. I was lucky enough to make it to All City and I was given the opportunity to lead practices and become an example for other members of the team. My position in the team was an achieved status as I became a member of track and I made the All City team. A lot was expected from me with the role that I held. Setting an example and pushing the other students to do better was my most important job. I was expected to show up to practice on time and be ready to lead when asked.

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