Social Work

Social Worker Values and Ethical Standards and Self-Awareness (3 pages)
        Discuss the values and ethical standards of the social work profession.
        Reflect upon social worker values and ethics compatibility with your own values and perspectives of life and people.
        Highlight two or three values that you identify or struggle with and tie them to some of the ethical standards.
Social Worker Profession (2 pages)
        Explore whether social work is a profession that you might consider as a future career option.
        why or why not?

Social Problems and Services (2 pages)
        Examine one or two area(s) of social work that you might like to focus on in the future (e.g. juvenile delinquency, mental health, child welfare, etc.), and the reasons why?

-3 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles must be current and within years 2015 to 2019.
-2 other resources such as, textbooks, governmental agencies report and websites, PBS videos or other creditable sources.
-no abstract needed
-paraphrase quotes (no direct quotes)

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