Social Work

You will be selecting two scholarly articles and writing a one page critique (at least 400 words) for each article using your own words, not quotes.  Before starting each summary, give the exact name of the article and the author(s).  The purpose of this assignment is to learn about vulnerable populations, and explain how each article will help social workers work with the population chosen.  YES, both articles must be on the same population

Finally a page of about  200 words,that I call The Learning, on what you learned from this research.  This is the third and last part of this assignment.  What did you learn that would be important to pass on to other social workers?
Parameters: 1.  Must be a scholarly article (peer reviewed).

                    2.  Must be at least ten pages in length (without counting the reference pages)  (NOW 7 PAGES)

                    3.  Must be two articles written about people living in America (Canada can be used, but no other country)

                    4.  Both articles must be on the same population.

                    5.  Must be current, withing 10 years (2011 to 2021)

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