Social Movements

This WR is different from others in that you only need to answer ONE of the questions below for full credit (the reason being that doing research for question one may be upsetting or traumatic for some students)  Answers still should utilize complete sentences, be clearly and professionally written, and be free from spelling, grammar, word choice, and syntax (sentence construction) errors.

Answer ONE of the questions below (you may answer both if you like, but will not be rewarded extra points for doing so):

OPTION ONE. How did the Black Lives Matter movement get started?  The assigned viewing lists the names of many black Americans who have died during contact with law enforcement (or sometimes at the hands of civilians) since 2012 (these names include, but are not limited to, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd Jr., Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and others).  Pick one of these people and tell me about them and what happened to them.  What, if anything, happened to the individual/individuals that caused their death (i.e. were they charged, disciplined or fired)?  What do you think about this?  (This question will require some independent research on your part).

OPTION TWO: From the assigned reading linked to on the first page of this module (Ray 2020), what does “defund the police” mean (i.e. when activists call for the police to be defunded, what are they actually asking for?  What would this look like?)  From the Campaign Zero reading (also linked to on the first page of this module), list three different suggestions for ways to reform the police, define and describe them, and cite data to explain why Project Zero’s organizers believe they are necessary,  Finally, which (if any) of these suggestions do you think is a good idea?  Why or why not?

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