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Discussion Give the writer suggestions and opinions you think, if you support writer please for reason for why you support, if you think the writer needs to increase more or improvement with she wrote please give the writer some suggestions and opinions.

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The topic of discussion is For this week, I want to mirror many of the discussions in popular marketing articles and blogs, speaking directly about COVID-19 and what this means to marketers in this new and challenging environment.


I have seen many examples of approaches brands are taking in the coronavirus environment from examples of positivity such as Titos Vodka (very well-known brand in the US), that started to make hand sanitizer for the coronavirus crisis.  And, packaging the sanitizer in small bottles labeled with Titos Vodka.  And, brands making sizable donations.  Many brands are focused on retooling for the new environment.  But some brands seem to be doing what has been called virtue signaling this is where a brand conspicuously expresses its values without actually taking positive actions to lie by those values, e.g., messages like we care about you with no visible support.  People dont need to hear what you (are doing) or will do.

Nike, a global brand has been active in a good way.  It seems that its well-known slogan Just do it is even more relevant in a world riddled by the pandemic.


1.Identify and discuss at least two brands that are retooling or stepping up in this crisis.
2.What were these brands known for (before the crisis)?
3.Identify some key learnings from the path these brands have taken. And,
4.Identify some implications for (other) marketers, with the mindset: what does branding in the time of COVID-19 look like?

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