Social Media essay

Social media essay:

– definition of manufacturing sector
– definition of social media
– relationship between manufacturing sector and social media (link the two)
– what I am doing in report
– business to business – manufacturing sector

Social media & tools
– identify main tools (redbooth, hootsuite, Canva etc)
– include tools like Facebook (most used), Pinterest, instagram
– Could include different subheading: what are they, what do they do

Adoption issues (usage of social media difficulties)
– Technology issues
– What comes out of Social Media and how it can be used in manufacturing
– Training of how to use Social Media tools
– How sector adapts to Social Media

Business drivers (Advantages of social media in manufacturing sector)
– Why are businesses using Social media more?
– Expand growth, increase awareness, feedback/reviews, cheaper for marketing, can help smaller businesses grow

Obstacles (actual social media disadvantages in manufacturing sector)
– Disadvantages of using social media in manufacturing sector

Impact analysis
– developing brands, developing new markets and customers, using it for market research, for recruitment purposes, and propelling revenue growth. (Extending customer reach)
– Industrial Markets (manufacturing markets) encounter fewer face-to-face sales therefore require further importance on social media to stay connected with customers (Jarvinen, Tollinen, Karjaluoto, & Jayawardhena, (2012)

Innovation issues (not ideas)
– Access to technology, who is the demographic, what are the issues?
– Innovation in manufacturing is all about updating and improving products, process and the business strategy. (Manufacturing Innovation, 2021)
– Improving and innovating constantly makes sure that the business is successful, especially in the manufacturing sector as it increases efficiency
– Talk more about social media

Conclusion & Recommendations
– Needs to revolve on social media
– Conclusion: summarise main findings in report

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