Social Media Campaign: Event Announcement

As part of an event management team, developing an effective social media campaign leading up to your event is critical to the success of the event. The campaign message should be curated based on the strengths of the social media platform used and the type of audience reached.

In this assignment, group members will work together to create an event announcement that will serve as the initiation of your social media campaign launch. The group will select various current social media platforms to feature the launch and present their curated event announcements to their peers. Follow the steps and instructions below to complete the assignment.

Part 1

Each member of the group will select a different social media platform and conduct research on how to best curate a message for that platform. Using information from this research, each member will create an event announcement on the social media platform selected. When developing the event announcement, consider the level of engagement, and potential reaction of the users of the platform, and how you will tailor the message based on the platform. You are required to include a graphic, photo, or video in the event announcement.

Part 2

Collectively, the group will combine the event announcements and create a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the use of social media to generate a campaign for the event. Requirements of the presentation include 8-10 slides with the event announcement from each social media platform, including a graphic, photo, or video. In the notes section of the PowerPoint slides, students are required to include citations and comprehensive notes for how the social media campaign was developed based on individual research.

The group will then create a video presentation in Bongo showcasing the platforms used and the approach that was employed to deliver the event announcement. Group presentations will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Accuracy of Social Media Campaign Details: Event details and information utilized between social media platforms were correct and accurate.
Consistency of Message: The message visuals, tone, and objectives were consistent across social media platforms used.
Justification of Social Media Platform Selection: Rationale for creating an appropriate message format based on the target audience, including an explanation of why the announcement created would be successful of the social media platform selected.
Social Media Message Design: Rationale for the message format and layout , including color schemes, font, readability, and use of graphics.
Oral Presentation: Students are dressed professionally, demonstrating expert knowledge of content with evidence of presentation practice and appropriate audience awareness and engagement.

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