Social Media

Part I: SEO & SEM

Explain the difference between SEO and SEM. How can organizations use these search tools to meet their professional objectives? Which is more beneficial? Describe the situations that each work best. What are the benfits of using Facebook’s advertising feature? Finally, list three keywords that you would use to promote your social media work in this course. Google each of the three keywords. Based on the results, do you still think these are the best keywords? Why or why not?

Part II: Analytics

Which types of analytics are the most effective for your social media campaign? Explain how using analytics would inform your goals for any new content you create.  Which specific analytics do you think are the most useful? Explain why they would be useful to you.

Instructions:  Your responses should demonstrate that you are applying the material from the notes and the readings. Your posts should be between 300-500 words. For full credit, you must demonstrate evidence of knowledge and comprehension from the readings. In this course, it is required that you use APA citation style for in-text citations and any references.

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