Social Inequality and its consequences/ways in which a country experiences media censorship

Assignment Name:
Paper 1:
Research a country of the 10 listed below to explore their media censorship. Research why the media is censored, who is censoring it, and the repercussions it has on the people of that country. Next, reflect on the differences between that country and the US discuss the pros and cons of both countries. Provide a why or why not. 

Purpose: A goal of our course is to analyze factors contributing to social inequality and its consequences. This week, we explored media. To improve understanding of this topic, we will draw connections between media censorship and success.
After completing this assignment, you should be able to analyze the ways in which a country experiences media censorship. You should also be able to identify who censors the media and evaluate the repercussions of that said censorship.
Lastly, you should be able to reflect on the differences between the country you researched and the US. This reflection should allow you to explain the pros and cons of both countries.

Task: Your task is to: (1) Read Chapter 11. (2) Choose a country from the following list: North Korea, China, Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Iran. (3) Then, research this country. Keep in mind, while researching, you should determine what is being censored (e.g., all media, internet, etc); who is censoring it; why they are censoring it; and what the repercussions of this censorship are. (4) Next, write a 3-page, MLA format, double spaced, paper in Times New Roman, 12pt. font that reflects on the censorship taking place in the country by answering the questions found in the previous task number 3. (5) Conclude your paper by making comparisons between the country you chose and the US. Discuss these comparisons while including pros and cons of both countries. This should provide a why and why not. If one has no pros or no cons, state why you think so. (6) Create your 4th (or last should you write more than 3 pages) page and include a Works Cited pages. Keep in mind your paper should have in-text citations to ensure plagiarism is not at play.

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