social force shaped US history

PROMPT: In your educated opinion, what do the two books youve chosen reveal about the social forces that have shaped U.S. history since 1950? In your answer discuss how these social forces influenced the deeper history (1950-2010) chronicled by the books as well as connections to contemporary society (2010-present). Although this paper is very much open-ended, the books you choose will obviously dictate the course of your paper. Therefore choose the two books that you found most intriguing or that work well together for your analysis.

Paper length: 7-8 pages.
Page length does not include list of sources or title page.
Size 12 font, double-spaced, one-inch margins

Outside Sources

Like the mid-term, this paper will require you to utilize outside sources to help support your answer.

Provide at least two outside sources not utilized for class lecture or weekly assignments.
Definitely still use information and sources provided during lecture or weekly assignments. I just want you to do some independent research as well and not rely solely on what we discussed in class.
These sources should be peer-reviewed and/or rigorously edited.
This means other books, academic journals, reputable news sources, documentaries, museums, government reports, or reports from non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Be sure to identify the source you’re citing when you use its information.
Please still provide a list of all your sources at the end of the paper.

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