Social and Behavioral science

Imagine that you are coordinating communications for a Community Coalition Board (CCB) related to your course projects topic/issue. This coalition has representatives from various stakeholders within the community. This CCB was formed to promote collaboration that is culturally competent.

Using the SCORE Principles Framework as a guide, compose a reflective journal entry in which you address all of the following questions:

Importance of Cultural Competence: Why is it important for public health professionals to be culturally competent before working with or communicating with a group or community? Provide an example. (about 100 words)
Effective Communication Across Cultures: Why is cultural competence necessary in all communication strategies? How could public health content be miscommunicated across different cultures? Provide an example. (about 100 words)
Considering the Message and the Audience: In what ways would you ensure that different groups are able to relate to and apply public health content that is provided to them? Provide an example. (about 100 words)
You should integrate any sociocultural and/or behavioral factors that may relate to the culturally competent collaboration of the CCB.

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