Silver linings movie

David O. Russells “Silver Linings Playbook”, offers a portrait of the impact of mental illness and it forces the viewer to examine their ideas regarding mental health care in America. The film explores such topics as the damage done by late-in-life diagnoses of mental illnesses, the situation that for some people, treatment comes only after they come into contact with the criminal justice system, and the impact of family and friend support and professionals (teachers, police officers, and medical staff) who treat, monitor and interact with the mentally ill patient

Please watch the Movie and answer the following questions

What do you think the films message was in regards to bipolar disorder?

Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) is a former high school teacher returning home after eight months at a mental hospital after he beat his wifes lover and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He is funny and often disarmingly sweet and is attempting to get his life back on track. Identify one of Pats  strategies used to manage the symptoms of his illness? How effective is it? Provide evidence for your response.

Select a caregiver in this movie and analyze the support role he/she offered Pat?

What do you think is the symbolism of silver linings in the movie?

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