Silk Road Travel

Create a powerpoint presentation in which you describe the route you will take across time and continents and the sites you will visit and why. Provide basic historical information and include major attractions in keeping with the basic themes studied in this course: people and their natural environment; the development and interaction of cultural systems (religions, arts, sciences); state-building and conflict (wars, revolution, forms of government); the formation of economic systems; and the development of social structures. E.g. you might take your visitors to the Silk Road as an example of the global cultural, economic, and social interaction in antiquity; or you might include a stop at the mosque in Kufa, a site that marked the emerging Sunni-Shia split. Your tour may range far and wide across continents and time, or it may be themed. For suggestions of themed tours see below. However you structure the route, you need to begin by deciding a starting-point in time (prehistory, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Harappa, etc.) and then move forward in time. In other words, the journey should make geographic as well as chronological sense.

Topic:  Silk Road Travel (choose one city that in the slik road and describe)

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