signature study assignment

The signature assignment must include the following:
8-10 pages double spaced
At least 4 references throughout the paper that is peer
APA format with reference list and in line citation
Word or PDF format only
Size 12 Font
Title page (title of the paper, name, date, class name)
Headings (including all the required areas of the paper)
This is a working paper, which means you will build on a portion of it
each week. Students will spend between three-four hours with a child
between the ages of 312 throughout the course of this class.
Complete the following during the observation:
1. Gain permission of the parent to observe the child: this is
observation and interaction. This is not therapy. Please give parent
full disclosure.
1 / 4
2. Record your observations and keep in mind the following:
How the child interacts with you and others
The childs developmental level according to Erikson
What was the mood of the child?
Do you observe any symptoms that could be diagnosable?
How do you feel with this child?
The childs degree of attachment secure, insecure-avoidant,
insecure-resistant, disorganized/disoriented
Students will then write a summary of the experience, which is a
collection of the
above information along with answering the questions below:
1. Family and client history (current living arrangements,
position in
the family, family background only if you can gain this information
from the parent
2. Observation and explanation of specific developmental stages
behaviors of the child (use Erikson model)
2 / 4
3. Students own response to the experience, including
responses to
several of these points:
What was it like to engage with the child?
What were some of your strengths? What were some of
your limitations or
What were the fun parts? What were the difficult parts?
How did you attempt to establish a connection with the child?
4. If you were going to see this patient in private practice what
be your treatment plan
How would you get the parents involved in the process? Would
you see the child alone, with parents or occasionally see the parents.
Please give a rationale for your thinking.
5. Describe the legal and ethical issues that might come up when
working with this child.
Please describe anything else that would show your work and
3 / 4
understanding of this child.

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