should older men have children?

Write for your peers: you can assume your readers have the prerequisite knowledge for General genetics(so you dont have to explain basic knowledge such as DNA structure) but have not taken this course. You are expected to do some research: starting with Wikipedia or similar online sources is OK, but check them, and use primary sources if possible. General, textbook-level genetic knowledge need not be sourced, but relevant specific findings, and other writers analyses or opinions, should be referenced with in-text citations and a bibliography. There is no required format for references, no specific number of references is required or recommended, and the bibliography is not included in the word count.


Should older men have children? Women over 35 who are pregnant are often advised about the increased risk, with advancing maternal age, of their child having a chromosomal aneuploidy such as Down syndrome, and are offered prenatal testing. Recent findings suggest that the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism increases significantly with paternal age. Why is this? Should older men be advised against fathering children? After what age? Explain how the risk may arise, and assess whether a recommendation can and should be made.

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