Short story

Would like to get help write a story that I have in mind. But I’m not good at writing so I might need help. I’m a fashion design student and would like to get inspiration from the story u will write. 

Recently, I watch a performance and felt 3 feelings:
Despondent, hopeful/optimistic, Alive

Story atleast 50-100 words. A Story about year 2020 that emphasizes those 3 feelings stated abobe, which kinda become like Mental health awareness too. Can create fictional characters/ adventure story/ children story/ any genre really.

Simple and  a really short story.
Here’s  my ideas on how story can go

Would love to incorporate how everyone felt despondent when we couldn’t get out bc of the virus (maybe becauseof little to no social interaction). But found out ways to be entertained maybe reconnecting to loved one through zoom or any social platform? Learning how to bake, virtual raves, and gym, even school (this is where the feeling hopefulness comes ). Everyone started cheering up for everyone, making big sacrifices n changes for the better etc. Then transition to feeling Alive (self-care and new beginning for everyone in 2021??/)

Just make it fun and interesting to read 🙂

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