Shawn influences

I need help with first and section :be sure you explain how each influence actually influenced Shawn, and with each point use the study – for your first point it never really say how Shawn was impacted by poverty. Say so, then cite one study ot back up the claim – state how its results show that poverty affects kids that way.  What you have about higher poverty rates, etc. globally is not relevant to what you do in this section of the paper – which is to state how specific factors influenced Shan, and how the research supports your claims based on the studies’ own research results. for all the influences

Reflection:(1 long or 2paragraphs)The last section of the paper is a reflection of what you have learned by writing the paper. Specifically, you will reflect on (1) what you learned about how poverty/family income, race, or a pandemic can impact children and their families and (2) how thatrelates to your own experiences with the pandemic, poverty, and/or racial inequality whatever is relevant to you personally. One common mistake students make is not leaving enough room in the paper to write a deeper reflection.

Video: 2020 PBS Frontline documentary Growing Up Poor in America (only Shawn)

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