Setting Literary Response

This is the link above on what to write about.

learn how to interpret the literary device of setting
and how it affects the character of the story/poem.

o A title page
o An Introduction
o A thesis at the end of the introduction that clearly states how setting shapes the
o At least two supporting sections that defend your thesis/focus of the essay
o Text support with properly cited in-text citations
o A concluding paragraph
o A reference page with the short story citation

Questions to ask yourself:
o What is the setting of my chosen story? What is the place? What
is the mood created by the author? How do the place and mood
affect the story for the reader?
o For example, it is apparent that in Whitmans I Hear America
Singing you would devote a supporting section to the locations of
his poem and a supporting section to the mood he creates through
the setting.
Translate that into a thesis:
o After you have made connections to these two areas of setting
you will then form your thesis.
o Here is a example template for your thesis. You are welcome to
use this template for your essay:
In Walt Whitmans poem I Hear America Singing, it is
apparent that the setting place and location shape the poem
through the obvious American workers locations and the
tone of triumph and hopefulness.

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