Service – scape Evaluation

Assignment Service-scape Evaluation
Note: This assignment was revised for Fall 2020 term due to COVID-19. The original assignment required a visit to a local hotel. Due to current restrictions, students will not be re
quired to visit a local hotel but may choose to do the assignment virtually by visitinga hotels website.To complete this assignment, select a hotel and visit the hotels website to review the information available including virtual tours, photos, videos, and descriptions
available to you. Write a descriptive evaluation of your experience with the hotel property based on the virtual site visit and service-scape.
Your evaluation should address the following criteria:

1.Holistic environment.
Describe your overall impression of the environment, based on the hotels layout, furnishings, and artefacts.
Please include details that contributed to your overall impression.

2.Signs, symbols, and artefacts.
Describe any logos and corporate
livery, directional signage, or artefacts such as souvenirs or mementos. Describe the style of the dcor, including any color

3.Overall impression.
What is your overall impression of the hotel property and service-scape? Does your impression align with reviews of the same
property that have been posted on TripAdvisor? Why or Why not? Include some reviews that you found in your research.

4. Photos.
Include some photos that illustrate your observations about the

5. Work Cited

The following topics are not required for this report. These are only listed to provide the student with additional information related to areas that would be reviewed if they were doing an on-property site visit and observing all elements of the Service-Scape.

Ambient conditions. Describe the temperature and air quality, ambient noise and background music, lighting, odor, and any other sensory details you noticed about the ambient conditions in the hotel.

Social interactions. Describe your observations about how hotel employees interacted with customers. Also describe your observations about how hotel customers interacted with each other.

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