Self-assessment–One of the most challenging workplace documents that every employee will have to write at some point in their career (or yearly, in some cases) is a self-assessment of their performance at work. This document is formal, and its also persuasive, as it is often used to determine raises or promotions. Ideally, it serves as written documentation of ones exemplary work over the previous year. You should write this document about your work in this course, in the form of a memo to your instructor. It should be 750-100 words long, and if its useful, you should feel free to quote or paraphrase from your work in class. The memo should not only capture how you met or exceeded the course objectives, but also the processes of learning and producing good work. If you didnt meet these objectives and expectations, this is an opportunity to make a case for yourself.  A good self-assessment of performance considers, foremost, what your supervisor (or, in this case, instructor!) cares about. You might consider questions such as: What do you see as your most impressive achievement in the class? When and how were you most successful? When did you exceed expectations? Where and when did you struggle, and how did you overcome these challenges? What did you work hardest on, and what did you learn, not only about a topic or skill, but about yourself? What skills related to the class do you want to continue to work on, and how, specifically, will you do so?

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