SEI Coursework Module 9

For this assignment, you will create a description of how you might make a lesson in your content area culturally relevant for your students but, in particular, your EL students. You do not need to create an actual lesson plan. Rather, this assignment is about your ideas regarding the prompts below. Your responses should be based on the readings in this module. Please refer to the readings in your responses.
Teaching Social Studies for Newcomer English Language Learners: Toward Culturally Relevant
Your assignment must include:
Grade Level & Arizona State Standard for the content of the lesson.
Language Goal and Arizona ELP Standard
Responses to the following discussion prompts. Please use each prompt as a heading prior to beginning your response. Each prompt must be at least 2 well developed paragraphs. Please refer to the module readings to support your responses.
The steps you would take to create an inclusive environment in your classroom.
How you would engage EL students in small and whole group academic conversations keeping in
mind that cultural differences affect the way Els respond to their teachers and to their teachers efforts to effectively teach them. Also keeping in mind the stage of English language development of each EL student.
How you would make the lesson culturally relevant to your students.
The considerations you would make when choosing culturally relevant lesson materials and
resources for secondary Els in regard to their proficiency, age and culture.
A bulleted list of at least 3 instructional strategies you would use to fully engage your EL students at
all levels of English language proficiency taking into consideration the culture of your El students. Each strategy but also include an explanation of your reasoning for choosing the strategy. Please refer to the module readings as evidence to support your selections. (See the Google Module 9 folder for lesson plan examples that include instructional strategies.)

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